Flavours and Aromas of Old Montreal/Saturday, June 29,2013

 (A minimum of 8 persons is required for this tour)

Take a savoury stroll through the culinary, cultural and historical charms of the oldest neighbourhood in Montreal. Wending our way along the narrow streets, we’ll lead you into boutiques to taste culinary creations, accompanied by a guide who will offer expert historical and gastronomic commentary throughout the trip. We’ll discuss such subjects as the influence of Amerindian culture on our eating habits, the history of religious figures and the development of good manners, and Expo 67 and its explosion of flavours.

 Saturday, June 29, 9:30 a.m. to noon

 Meeting point: Espace Boutique Europea (33 Notre-Dame St. W.)

This price includes:

  • Guided tour (2 hrs 30 min) with a professional culinary guide
  • Tastings in 4 different boutiques in the Old Montreal
  • Taxes